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Karthikeya: Son of Shiva

Niranjana performed in an Indian classical dance over the weekend called "Karthikeya: Son of Shiva."

She has been taking dance lessons from a professional who lives near us who used to live in Chennai, Niranjana's home town in Tamil Nadu.

Niranjana seemed to really enjoy the experience, and we thought it was good for her to connect with her Indian heritage.

Here's video from the dance. She was in about 10 minutes of a three-hour performance.

Niranjana pulls her own tooth

Niranjana pulled her own tooth tonight. Melissa managed to capture the whole thing on video.

Tonight's soccer game

Here are a few photos from Niranjana's soccer game this evening. She didn't score any goals, but she played hard and made the other team really work.

Here are a few photos:

Niranjana plays soccer July 20, 2011

Seeing an old friend

A few months ago, I was going through my grandmother's old slides, and I came across some photos of one of my favorite childhood friends, Jeff Dorge.

Soccer girl

Niranjana loves soccer, and this is her third summer playing in the YMCA summer league. Additionally, she plays in a youth soccer league in the spring and fall.

Here are a few photos from her game this week (she scored two goals).

She shoots, she scores!

Future as a pro wrestler

When Niranjana decides to dole out some love to her Big Daddy, here's how she often does it. It is equal parts frightening and amusing.

Here's how I was greeting this Fathers Day:

Happy birthday, dear Melissa

It's Melissa's birthday today! Wont' tell you how old she is, but half a lifetime ago, she had her first legal drink.

When I grow up

These are the things Niranjana said she wants to be and do when she grows up, not necessarily in priority order. The sweet thing is that she was practicing her writing, so we spelled some of the words out for her — but I have them in her hand.

Be a chef

Visit India

Be a mommy

Be a family

Be a genius


Andy and I were at a winemaker's dinner recently and I was randomly seated next to a couple who had moved to the Tri-Cities last summer. They moved here from the other side of the country for the wife's science-related job at the Hanford site.

The wife seemed just fine. I was next to the man. He was from the south, maybe about 60, retired from a government job. And he greeted me by commenting about how refreshing it is to live in such a Republican area.

Not Indians, Daddy

Niranjana and I are reading Little House on the Prairie - a first for both of us.

The book as a lot of "Indians" in it, and Ma Ingalls is alarmingly xenophobic, which makes me cringe no less than when we watch Peter Pan and its treatment of "redskins."

Niranjana and I have talked a little bit about Ma Ingalls' attitudes toward the "Indians." Mostly, when I read a chapter title that includes the word "Indians" in it (such as "Indian War Cry"), Niranjana quickly corrects me by pointing out, "Daddy, they aren't real Indians. They're Native Americans!"

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